A generous three-bed-house with garden, nestled in the heart of Mount Baldo and surrounded by the most colourful forests. No structural work required, but needs upgrading. Easy access to Lake Garda and A22 motorway to Austria

Where the eagle flies / Veneto

“I don’t know, maybe we’re always looking for the right place, maybe it’s within reach, but we don’t recognise it. Maybe to recognise it, we have to believe in it”. Umberto Eco. Focault’s Pendulum

A generous three-bed detached house (approx 180 sqm gross internal area) with 350sqm garden nestled in the heart of Mount Baldo Natural Park and surrounded by pastures and dense forests with oaks, beeches and horn-beams, that create the most amazing colour combination, especially in autumn. For the immense botanical biodiversity in the 16th century this area earned the title of Garden of Italy. Lake Garda lies just on the other side of the mountain and can be reached in 40 minutes. Located in a old settlement that counts less ten buildings, it is perfect for people who love peace and tranquillity, especially in winter when only two families live there. Even though, it is not as secluded as it may seems: 20 minutes to a 8000 people town, 1 hour to Verona city centre and to the airport, 40 minutes to the A22 motorway that connects Bologna to Austria, therefore this is a very convenient location for mountain-lovers who also appreciate the easy access to the Dolomites and the Alps. Modernised in the late sixties / early seventies with some new concrete floors, central heating and bathroom, it is in good conditions but would need upgrading, double glazing and a better room layouts. Rooms are very large and can be divided in smaller ones, additional bathrooms would make it up to modern-day standards. Good news is that it doesn’t require structural work and you could start enjoying it rather quickly!