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‘It always seems extremely difficult until it’s done’

Meaningful process _ ethical methodology
Our approach to sustainability goes beyond energy efficiency of the building, extends to other aspects of the construction, and take into consideration the community and the local economy

Scouting for properties

Finding the right house for your project

Tell us about you, what you like, how much is your budget: we use a broad network of real estate agencies to scout for properties that can satisfy your criteria, we assess their findings, and provide you with a selection of the best match. We are particularly strong in the regions Abruzzo, Marche, Molise, Veneto, Trentino and east Lombardia.

Independent advice

Choosing the property

The estate agents focus on the positive aspects of the properties, and it is up to the buyer to assess potential issues, so buying can feel like gambling. Carlo and Pier are architects with over 14 years of experience, they would propose you a property only after having imagined how that can be transformed and adjusted to meet your requirements.
We do not sell houses and therefore you can always expect an independent and professional advice.

Working with you to create viable scenarios

Testing the property potentials

Regulations, budget and other constraints could undermine your expectations, it is our job to work with you and come up with feasible solutions: it could be something you’ve never thought about, a new point of view you’ve never considered before, a little tweak that allows us to use the house in a totally different way. We do not want to reinvent the wheel, instead we focus on the little details that make the difference.


Assisting during the property acquisition

The legal aspect and its incomprehensible jargon can be very tiresome and sometime misleading, we digest the information and make sure that they are communicated with simplicity and accuracy.

Helping you appoint the right people

Transforming and renovating the property

After the purchase of a property, the new owner is facing the dilemma of choosing builders and contractors; this can be especially difficult for a foreigner with little connection. We have the relevant experience to assess building companies to make sure they are sound and can provide good quality work, so you can hire a contractor with peace of mind. Alternatively, in some areas we can suggest some of our approved builders. On the base of your requirements we draft the brief and draw up the contract.

Hassle free

Managing the process

You don’t need to interface with many different trades and professionals who come, do the job and leave; this means that you don’t need to keep repeating yourself or chase people in the attempt to get what you want, just let us take this burden from you.
Like a in a control room with all the information and a dashboard full of commands, we have a comprehensive understanding of the project as a whole, and can coordinate the professionals, contractors and installers efficiently without loosing sight of the complete picture


Stephen and Phoebe

Tell us about your dream. We can make it real.